Sunday’s 84th Annual Michigan Mudbowl Play-In Tournament games were action packed with the semi-finals and finals on tap.

The semi-final game was scoreless at the half. However, after a score from each team, both FIJI and Sigma Phi Epsilon were tied 6-6. On a last minute drive, Sigma Phi Epsilon pulled away to win by a score of 12-6.

The celebration was short lived as Sig Ep took the field immediately to square off against a fresh-legged Phi Delta Theta, who earned a bye to the finals by winning the #Mud4Mott Pre-Play-In Tourney Fundraising Challenge by raising more than  $7,000!

The first half of the championship game was a defensive battle holding both teams scoreless at the half.

Phi Delta Theta scored first in the second half and remained up until the last 2 minutes. However, Sig Ep’s offense trailed down the field to score a last second touchdown and send the game into overtime.

Playing college style rules, each team was given one play to score from 10 yards out, having teams given opportunities in a snake order.

Phi Delt scored first but was quickly answered by Sig Ep. Coming into the 4th Overtime, Phi Delt scored again on a run from their quarterback. Sig Ep was faced with a do or die situation and threw the ball deep in the endzone to no avail.

Phi Delt won by a score of 12-6 in 4OT and will play the Michigan Mudbowl Club in the mud this Saturday Oct 28, kickoff 9am.

In a classic tale of ‘old vs new vs new vs old’, Phi Delt will be playing in the Mud for the first time in 20 years!

Thank you to all teams who participated and please SHARE and keep donating— at then end of the day, the real winners are the Campions fighting the real fight at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital!

Click here to watch the last 16 minutes of the game!


(Reporting by Bernard Insalaco, UM ‘18 – President IFC; video by Geoff Voss)